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Hair loss can diminish your self-esteem and overall quality of life. Don’t live with a thinning head of hair, beard, or eyebrows if they negatively affect your wellbeing. At Honest Hair Restoration now serving in Tampa, Bradenton, and Sarasota, Florida, board-certified in Family Medicine and hair transplant specialist Martin Maag, MD, and his team offer NeoGraft® advanced hair transplant technology and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to give you the full head of hair you desire. Schedule a consultation with Honest Hair Restoration by phone or book one online to get started today.

Hair Transplant Q&A

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplants at Honest Hair Restoration use NeoGraft® advanced technology to thicken your hair effectively with donor transplants from other parts of your scalp. Dr. Maag and his team of Grafting Specialists provide proprietary ProGrowth Combination F.U.E. that will give you the softest, most natural hairline in the business. Guaranteed.

Dr. Maag and the Honest Hair Restoration team can also perform facial hair transplants to give you a fuller mustache, beard, sideburns, or eyebrows. This can be beneficial for individuals with thinning or otherwise patchy facial hair. 

Is a hair transplant right for me?

To determine if ProGrowth Combination F.U.E.,  hair transplantation is right for you, Dr. Maag, not a salesman, will review your medical history. He will examine your hair and consult with you about your desired outcome. Dr. Maag offers counseling and support to help you choose the hair restoration procedure that best matches your needs. Honest Hair Restoration also offers prescription medications to help you with your hair.

What happens during a hair transplant?

During NeoGraft hair transplantation, expect the following:

Donor hair removal

During donor hair removal, Dr. Maag’s Grafting Specialists harvest individual follicles from the back of your scalp. Methodically and meticulously, choosing the healthiest and hardiest follicles to give you the fullest hair transplant possible. These hairs are significantly less susceptible to DHT and will not naturally fall out.  

Follicular unit extraction (F.U.E.)

Dr. Maag uses F.U.E. to remove hair follicle units, grouping them together by length and diameter instead of making an incision to remove entire strips of scalp and hair. You will NEVER have a Linear Scar with our technique. We specialize in the highest quality transplant. 

Recipient site creation

After the Grafting Specialist, Joel Torres, extracts the hair grafts with the assistance of NeoGraft Technology, Dr Maag will then prepare the recipient site in areas of hair loss. This process has several steps, from anesthesia (numbing the area) to carefully creating fine 1mm slits for the placement of the hair grafts.  Candy Rodriques and Joel Torres will then meticulously place the grafts into these slits where your hair follicles will seed and grow.  We create a hair restoration design based on your unique hairline and goals. Your hairline will be discussed in detail with you by Dr. Maag and the Grafting Specialists. The actual procedure does not start until you are happy and comfortable with the design that has been agreed upon. 

Hair graft placement

The next step during a hair transplant is placing grafts at the recipient site. The grafts are first bathed in a cooled, medically-based solution to assure they are healthy during placement. Then individual hair grafts are placed into the areas with thinning or balding. The grafts are placed with an artistic approach to produce a soft, natural-looking result. The approach has been perfected over many years of experience.

PRP injections

To optimize hair restoration and stimulate hair regrowth, Dr. Maag takes a sample of blood from your arm and spins it in a centrifuge in order to obtain the highest concentration of your platelets. Platelets enhance your body’s ability to regenerate cells and acts like a fertilizer to the hair follicle. He follows the Cleveland protocol and injects PRP into your scalp at the treatment site. 

What happens after hair transplantation?

After a hair transplant, you can expect immediate results, with optimal hair growth results appearing over time. Dr. Maag and his team work with you to exceed expectations and give you the best outcome. Most of all, Dr. Maag is your doctor. Should you have any questions, you call and speak to him. Yes, you speak to the doctor and not an answering service. Dr. Maag is your doctor from start to finish. 

If thinning hair makes you feel less attractive, you have options. Being bald is not a life sentence! To schedule a hair transplant or a facial hair transplant consultation with Dr. Maag and his Honest Hair Restoration team, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Are you a man who is interested in a Hair Transplant? Ask us how we can help today.