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Martin Maag, M.D.

Hair Loss Specialist located in Bradenton, FL & Tampa, FL

About Dr. Maag

Martin Maag, MD, is a board-certified Family Medicine physician that has transitioned into hair restoration. He is the medical director at Honest Hair Restoration, located in Bradenton, and Tampa, Florida. Dr. Maag offers one-on-one doctor support because of the way his practice is structured. He performs the patient consultations, is present during the entire hair restoration process and is available for answering questions before, during, and after your treatment, In other words, he’s there for his patients from start to finish.

Dr. Maag completed his residency in family medicine at the prestigious Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. He spent 1,500 additional hours during his residency in emergency medicine training at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, one of Michigan’s busiest ERs. Dr. Maag practiced emergency medicine for nearly two decades before transitioning into the specialty of hair restoration.

He offers NeoGraft® technology and research to perform follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplants, eyebrow transplants, Eclipse PRP® platelet-rich plasma technology, and more to give patients the full head of hair they desire without extensive downtime. Dr. Maag also offers prescription-strength and custom-blended medications and low-level laser caps.

He maintains his advanced credentials with continuing education. Dr. Maag is board-certified in family medicine and holds certifications in advanced life-saving techniques for adults and children, and trauma.

Dr. Maag looks forward to consultations with clients and helping them with their hair restoration goals. Everyone is welcome at Honest Hair Restoration.