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Yes, You Can Have a Full, Lush Head of Hair!

Yes, You Can Have a Full, Lush Head of Hair!

If you’re among the millions of American men and women struggling with hair loss, you know it’s more than a cosmetic problem. Hair loss affects your self-image and self-confidence. Research shows it can even trigger anxiety and depression. 

At Honest Hair Restoration with offices serving Bradenton, Tampa, and Sarasota, Florida, we understand the impact hair loss can have on your life. The good news is more ways than ever now exist to restore and regrow your hair. 

Board-certified physician Martin Maag, MD, and our hair restoration specialists offer personalized hair restoration treatments, so you can have a full head of hair again.* Keep reading to learn about these innovative therapies and which is right for you.    

What are my hair restoration options?

At Honest Hair Restoration, we offer a variety of hair restoration treatments to help you regain a fuller head of hair. Here’s a closer look:  

Hair transplants with follicular unit extraction (FUE)

A hair transplant uses donor hair from other areas of your scalp to restore hair in thinning areas. Dr. Maag uses NeoGraft® technology combined with ProGrowth Combination follicular unit extraction (FUE) to give you the best results possible. 

Dr. Maag and our team use the Atera FUE-100 hair restoration system, the gold-standard in FUE technology. This system uses a single-punch, suction technique to give you the most natural hairline with less scarring. 

Traditional hair transplant techniques involve removing large strips of hair from your scalp. With the Atera FUE-100 hair restoration system, Dr. Maag removes individual hair follicles, so you get natural-looking results without large scars. 

Hair transplants work best when your hair loss only affects one area of your scalp. This is to make sure the transplanted follicles thrive in their new location. For example, people with male or female pattern baldness are usually good candidates.  

Nonsurgical hair restoration treatments 

At Honest Hair Restoration, we also specialize in nonsurgical treatments. These options include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, medications, and low-level laser treatments.

PRP therapy for hair loss

PRP therapy for hair loss uses platelets from your blood to stimulate your hair follicles. This encourages new hair to grow. Over time, you’ll have thicker, fuller hair. 

This treatment is especially effective if you suffer from genetic hair loss. PRP therapy isn’t a good choice if you have certain medical conditions, like diabetes or a condition that requires blood thinners.   

Hair-loss medications

Our team also offers medications to treat hereditary hair loss. Dr. Maag recommends the ones best-suited to your needs. Some of the most common options include:

Other medications, prescriptions, and treatments are available. 

Low-level laser therapy

Low-level laser therapy uses heat energy to improve your circulation and stimulate weak hair follicles. This promotes new hair growth in a safe, noninvasive way. This treatment works well for patients in the early stages of hair loss, men with thinning throughout (including the sides and back), and women with thinning hair.  

How do I know which treatment is right for me?

The right hair restoration treatment depends on your goals and your existing hair. Dr. Maag first examines your scalp and hair. He also asks about your hair loss history and whether it runs in your family. 

Before creating your personalized treatment plan, Dr. Maag also reviews your medical history and any current conditions. He recommends treatments based on your hair needs and goals. 

Our team provides ongoing support throughout your hair restoration process. You can turn to us with any questions or concerns before, during, and after your hair restoration treatment.

If you’re in the Tampa, Sarasota, or Bradenton, Florida, areas, schedule an appointment online or over the phone at Honest Hair Restoration to learn more about how we can help restore your hair.

*Individual results may vary. 

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