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6 Benefits of FUE

6 Benefits of FUE

If you’re among the 85% of men or 40% of women experiencing hair loss, you understand the impact losing your hair can have on your quality of life. Not only can hair loss lower your self-esteem, it can also affect your confidence, mood, and social life.

At Honest Hair Restoration in Bradenton, Florida, and serving patients in the areas surrounding Tampa, Sarasota, and Ft. Myers, board-certified hair transplant specialist and medical director Martin Maag, MD, offers safe and effective hair restoration solutions to men and women.

One of our favorite treatments is a hair transplant using follicular unit extraction (FUE). With FUE, we help you regrow a fuller head of hair and enjoy natural-looking results. 

Hair transplants take donor hair from healthy parts of your scalp and move it to areas with thinning hair. At Honest Hair Restoration, we’ve found hair transplants performed using innovative NeoGraft® technology with our ProGrowth Combination FUE offer the best outcomes. We also utilize the Atera FUE 100 technology with our ProGrowth Combination FUE .

Take a moment to learn about six major benefits FUE hair transplants provide. 

1. Virtually no scarring

Instead of removing large strips of hair that leave big scars, Dr. Maag achieves amazing results with the Atera FUE-100 hair restoration system. This system allows Dr. Maag to move individual hair follicles, so you get a fuller head of hair without the big linear scars other kinds of hair transplants create.

We can achieve this result because FUE extraction sites are so small (≤ 1mm), any scars, if they remain, can’t be seen. You don’t need stitches or surgical glue as the sites close and heal on their own within days of your treatment—with virtually no scarring! 

2. Less pain

Though traditional hair transplants often caused significant pain as your scalp healed from the removal of large strips, with FUE there’s little pain. Your Honest Hair Restoration provider numbs your scalp using long-acting anesthetics, so you stay comfortable during your treatment. 

Most of our patients only use over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, after their treatment to manage any discomfort. And nearly all our patients tell us that by 24 hours after their treatment, they no longer have pain. 

3. Better results with healthier hair

With FUE, the graft survival rate with FUE is 90-95% compared to the 75% survival rate the “strip” method of hair transplantation offers. This means that with FUE, you get a fuller, thicker head of hair. And because there’s less trauma to your hair follicles, you enjoy more healthy hair as your scalp recovers. 

4. Less risk of infection

Overall, hair transplants are extremely safe procedures. However, with the “strip” method, it’s possible to develop a postoperative infection at the donor or graft site. With FUE, the risk of infection is much lower compared to traditional treatments, with fewer than 1% of patients experiencing any signs of infection. 

5. No general anesthesia required

With an FUE hair transplant, Dr. Maag and our team of grafting experts can perform your procedure in our state-of-the-art office. And because this minimally invasive therapy doesn’t require general anesthesia, you’re able to return home when your treatment is done. You can even drive yourself to and from your appointment. 

6. Fastest recovery possible

With reliable and effective FUE, you’ll enjoy the fastest hair transplant recovery possible. You can get back to many normal daily activities in roughly one to two days. And after a week, you’ll be back to normal other than following the post-treatment care and washing instructions to follow as your scalp heals and the transplanted hair grows.

If you’re considering a hair transplant, schedule an appointment online or over the phone at Honest Hair Restoration in Bradenton, Florida, to learn more about the benefits of FUE. 

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