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5 Important Facts About Hair Transplants

5 Important Facts About Hair Transplants

Your hair plays a large role in shaping how you feel about yourself. When you experience hair loss, it can impact your self-confidence along with your self-esteem. Hair transplants can give you a fuller head of hair, but many myths circulate about these surgical solutions to hair loss. 

If you’re considering restoring your hair with a hair transplant, it’s important to understand the facts. Board-certified physician, Martin Maag, MD, and the hair restoration specialists at Honest Hair Restoration with offices serving Bradenton, Tampa, and Sarasosta, Florida, use the latest in hair transplant technology to give you the best results possible. 

We also want to dispel some of the myths and misinformation about hair transplants. Keep reading to learn five important facts about hair transplants.

1. You can achieve natural-looking hair with hair transplants

At Honest Hair Restoration, our goal is to give you subtle, natural-looking results. Dr. Maag uses the latest techniques and processes, paying close attention to the location of your hair follicles, the angle of your hair, and the placement of grafts to give you the most natural results possible. 

Our team works with you to ensure you have realistic expectations. You can rest easy knowing that after your transplant, you can wash, cut, and style your transplanted hair just as you would the rest of your hair.

2. Hair transplantation results aren’t immediate

Having realistic expectations is one of the most important steps to a successful hair transplant. This means understanding that results aren’t immediate. Your newly transplanted hair starts to fall out several weeks after your procedure, but the follicle is growing in your scalp. It takes about four to five months for new hair to grow from the follicle and about 12 months for full hair growth. 

3. Women can get hair transplants, too

Although many people consider hair loss a “men’s issue,” the truth is that over 50% of women experience noticeable hair loss. Of those women, at least a third have female-pattern hair loss, which causes thinning hair over the top and sides of the head. 

Both men and women can restore their hair — and their confidence — with a hair transplant. The best candidates for hair transplants generally have male- or female-pattern hair loss, the ability to grow transplanted hair, and enough healthy hair to transplant. 

4. Hair transplants don’t need to leave big scars

Some types of hair transplants work by removing large strips of hair, leaving noticeable linear scars. At Honest Hair Restoration, however, Dr. Maag uses the most advanced techniques to ensure you’ll never have a large linear scar. At HHR they use the ProGrowth Combination FUE technique. Extracting individual grafts, one graft at a time. 

Our team specializes in follicular unit extraction (FUE), which involves removing each hair follicle graft individually with the Atera FUE 100, the Rolls Royce of FUE machines. This only leaves a tiny scar no more than one millimeter in diameter.

5. Your new look is here to stay

One of the best things about modern hair transplants is that your results are almost permanent. In fact, hair transplants are the most permanent hair restoration solution available. 

It’s natural for newly transplanted hair to go through the shedding process about five to seven weeks post surgery. Over time, new hair grows in, following the same hair growth cycle as the rest of your hair. This means you’ll keep your newly transplanted hair for years to come.

During your consultation, Dr. Maag verifies you’re a good candidate for hair transplant. He considers your age, family history, the condition of your scalp, and the type of hair loss you’re experiencing. If a transplant isn’t right for you, Dr. Maag may recommend a different hair restoration solution

Although there are no guarantees of permanent results or growing a completely full head of hair, Dr. Maag and the team at Honest Hair Restoration work hard to make sure your hair restoration treatment meets your goals of restoring as much hair as possible. 

If you’re in the Tampa, Sarasota, or Bradenton, Florida, areas, learn more about hair transplants and other hair restoration solutions by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone with Dr. Maag at Honest Hair Restoration.

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