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We’re not like the Big Corporation Hair Mills, We’re small, exclusive and focused on you…and only you!"

We Don't Cut Hair...We Grow It!"
"We're Not Like The BIG Corporate Hair Mills, We're Small and Exclusive...Focused On You, and Only You!

Summer is back and so is our $6000 transplant special!

How Many Grafts? We will harvest as many grafts as possible, safely. We also add HHR's Performance Biotin infused PRP with every transplant!

Forget the Turkey transplant and discover the Tampa Transplant

Affordable, Accessible, and the Best

Why travel across the world when you can stay in the US, Sleep in your own bed, and get the quality treatment you deserve!

Disadvantages to Turkey and out of country transplants

  1. Travel  is 14 hours on a plane  each way
  2. You give up your medical rights - if something goes wrong, it is a long way back to see the doctor
  3. No recourse if you have a bad outcome.

Advantages to Tampa

  1. We’re local and in the US
  2. We’re affordable
  3. We’re accessible
  4. You have access to the doctor 24/7 
  5. We’re focused on you …! we’re not a hair mill 

Josh says it All

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At HHR we produce the softest most natural hairline in the business….And Dr. Maag’s approach with custom blended medications, produce an extremely comfortable experience! 


Honest Hair Restoration is the premier hair restoration practice located in Bradenton, and Tampa, Florida, serving The Tampa Bay region, including Sarasota & Ft. Myers, and Naples Florida. The practice is led by board-certified Family physician and hair restoration specialist Martin Maag, MD. He and his highly experienced team take an integrative approach to the treatment and education of their patients. This allows for an excellent patient experience and outcome.

The practice offers the latest advances in hair restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP) treatments, and NeoGraft® technology assisted, ProGrowth Combination FUE technique for undetectable hair transplants, beard transplants and eyebrow transplants. Dr. Maag also offers additional products from the Theradome Pro LH80 FDA cleared Laser cap to prescription-strength and custom-blended medications to give patients the full, thick hair of their dreams. 

Dr. Maag offers alopecia consultation and medical management, counseling, and other support services to help patients find a hair restoration solution that fits their personalized needs, lifestyle, and desired outcome. Dr. Maag is there for patients during every step of their journey from consultations and treatment and post-treatment care to phone calls that can help answer any of your questions. 

The expert team at Honest Hair Restoration welcomes any man or woman wrestling with hair loss to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maag.

3 Nonsurgical Treatments for Hair Loss

If you’re experiencing hair loss, finding a treatment that restores your hair and gives you natural-looking results—without surgery—is possible! Learn about our three favorite nonsurgical hair loss therapies and which might be right for you.

Why Radiation Can Cause Hair Loss

A cancer diagnosis is stressful—and worrying about hair loss from radiation therapy only adds to your trauma. The good news? Not all radiation triggers hair loss. Keep reading to learn what you need to know and how we can help.

Can Anything Be Done to Slow Down the Balding Process?

Hair loss and balding affects at least 80 million Americans. If you’re frustrated by seeing more skin than hair on your scalp, take a moment to learn if anything can be done to slow or reverse hair loss and how we can help.


Words from our patients

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    Dr. Maag is a true professional. He met with me on a Saturday morning and spent 2 1/2 hours answering questions that I had.

    Jay H.
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    Dr. Maag did an excellent job on my hair transplants. I had a very patchy beard and transplants was the only thing that would fix my problem.

    Jeff S.
  • Google

    Dr. Maag and his staff are amazing. Their costumer service is top notch and really makes you feel like they care. Dr. Maag even drove to my place to drop off prescription

    Cameron T.
  • Google

    My hairline has been receding for a few years now and I didn't want to go down without a fight. Doctor Maag did an excellent job at a more than fair price.

    Kevin P.
  • Google

    Dr. Maag was honest unlike the other places I received consults from.

    Don W.
  • Google

    This place is unbelievably by far superior in customer service. They are some of the most generous and genuine people I have ever met.

    Daniel D.
  • Google

    Dr. Maag was not only incredibly professional, but he and his staff made me feel like I was with family that wanted nothing more than to make me comfortable.

    Anthony P.
  • facebook

    Dr. Maag is thorough and professional and helps you every step of the way. The results are amazing and you shouldn't go anywhere else!

    Jennifer G.
  • facebook

    Absolutely amazing experience professional and talented ! Without a doubt would tell anyone who is in the market for some new hair this is your guy!!

    Brien S.
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